Impact: Library Tools for Promotion and Tenure

This guide is for graduate students and faculty interested in how scholars can profile themselves through tracking cited references to their work. Also included here are resources to assist in determining journal quality and rankings.

Avoiding Predatory Publishers


At some point in your career you may be solicited in a flattering email from an open access predatory publisher to send them your work. They claim to be a prestigious journal and will promise quick turnaround time; they might even include bogus impact factor numbers. Many of these so-called publishers are shady operations that are only interested in obtaining your copyrighted material and then charging you a fee to publish your work. Publishing with these presses can damage your reputation and weaken your portfolio for tenure and promotion. 

Before agreeing to publish in an open access journal or to be on the editorial board, please speak with your colleagues and speak with a librarian. In addition, here are a few resources to consider: