ENC 1102: Composition II

Getting Started

Welcome! This LibGuide is designed to connect ENC 1102 students to important library services and provide an introduction to locating and evaluating scholarly sources for their course projects. Use the left-hand toolbar to navigate to pages on library skills and workshops or to go directly to your research topic's discipline. 

Project 1

To begin the semester, students identify a research question that interests them and prepare a 3- to 5-page research proposal outlining some of the current research in this area and planning their own expanded research. This proposal serves as a basis for Project 2. The guiding questions for Project 1 are: “What do I know about research and sources? How do I know which sources are right for my purpose? How do I evaluate sources?” 

Project 2

Building on Project 1, students continue investigating, outline and organize their findings, and write an 8- to 10-page essay presenting their research. This project focuses on developing the academic writing skills student will need to succeed in their coursework, including project management, collaboration, citation, analysis, and synthesis. Remember, this is not an argumentative essay, but rather, an exploratory research essay. The guiding question for Project 2 is "How is researched information organized and presented to audiences?" 

Project 3

The final project asks students to reflect on the research process, their own learning, and where they can take the skills and ideas from this class in the future. The guiding question for Project 3 are “How is researched information presented in a discipline, what concepts of writing are important for writers to consider?"