ART4970: Senior Thesis


Welcome to the library course guide for your class, Senior Thesis.

This library guide is an excellent place to start your research because it represents a curated collection of resources just for your needs. 

Your Research Paper: A Map to Success


Use the USF Libraries website to locate:

  • Books
  • Encyclopedia Articles
  • Scholarly Journal articles
    • Locate at least three scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal articles using our database search.
  • Images that support your research topic
    • Resources like ARTstor and Oxford Art Online provide images.


Cite the sources you have used in your paper:

You are required to create a bibliography with either footnotes or endnotes.

Citing your sources proves that you did research, and gives credit to the thoughts and ideas you gathered while researching. 

  • Use the Notes and Bibliography system from the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition.


Label at least one image of the art object or monument you are writing about as a  at least one image of the art object or monument you are writing about as a Figure (see Chicago Manual of Style)


Write a Well-Written Research Paper

  • Use good sources to support the thesis of your paper.
  • Properly format your research paper and bibliography. 
  • Meet with your professor. 
  • Schedule an appointment with the Writing Studio.
  • Consult with your librarian if needed.

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