HIS 3308 - War and Society: St Petersburg (Hauser)


Primary Sources

Searching the Web for Primary Sources

Try searching the internet for digital collections at state historical societies, archives, museums, and universities. many of the sites have been digitizing historical materials and making them available online.

Try searching your topic and the keyword 'archives,' 'digital', or other term.

If you know of a site, you can try using Google's 'site search' capability to search for items within that site. For example, typing this search into Google will give you a list of materials in the USF Digital collection concerning Tampa's Fort Brooke.

site:digitalcommons.usf.edu "fort brooke"

You can also use the 'filetype' search to find specific types of documents

memoir  "fort brooke' filetype:pdf


map  "fort brooke' filetype:jpeg


Oral Histories

If you would like to search for transcripts of oral histories, try searching a search engine using keywords such as 'military', 'oral history', and 'transcript.' You can also try searching for a particular service branch or conflict. Try using the 'filetype:pdf' to limit to pdf files.

Service Branch History Organizations

Secondary Sources -Journal Articles

Secondary Sources - Books, Ebooks, Videos