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Data Management Planning

This site contains information to help researchers create a solid data management plan for external funding requirements including NSF proposals.


The USF Libraries is interested in learning more about your data management project and helping you accomplish your goals. Please contact us to discuss available options. Below is a general outline of our levels of support, but in specific instances we may be able to expand capacity depending on funding and other factors.  

Level 1:

  • Provide guidance on file naming conventions and why and how to set up metadata at the front end of the project.
  • Provide consultation on writing a data management plan, with reference to the DMPTool as appropriate.
  • Ingest single, finalized dataset files (< 1GB) that are complete into our open access repository Digital Commons @ University of South Florida with metadata provided by researchers.
  • Provide consultation and recommendation on subject area repositories for data preservation.

Level 2:

  • Ingest finalized datasets of multiple files in various file formats including, but not limited to, spreadsheets, audio, image, or video files. Files up to 20 GB in size will be hosted open access on Digital Commons @ University of South Florida, and DOIs will be assigned as appropriate. Files larger than 20 GB can be added to an Amazon Web server with a link (and assigned DOI) from Digital Commons.
  • Provide research assistance for specialized metadata structures for specific projects.

The library provides level 1 and level 2 services. For more complex projects, contact us to negotiate a higher level of support or for assistance on possible alternatives. Examples of more complex data projects include: management of data that is not complete or final; processing of data into a final format; hosting data that must be kept behind a firewall (versus open access); and IT support for projects, including setting up servers.