CRW 4930: Flash Fiction / Micro Memoir

Library and web resources for CRW 49030

Welcome to the wonderful world of micro and flash

This course guide is designed to help you find valuable resources so you can read more flash and micro and learn how to successfully submit your work for publication. Use the tabs on the left to navigate various sections of the guide.

First, we’ll cover ways to locate more flash and micro to expand your reading.

In order to read more flash and micro, you will want to explore three different types of publication: literary magazines, single author collections, and anthologies that gather work by many authors.

In this course guide, we’ve selected some of our favorites in each category. You’ll find them listed throughout the guide.

To find more anthologies of flash fiction and micro memoir, check library catalogs. Tip: search for "flash fiction" (including the quotation marks) - without them, you'll get lots of results for "fiction" that includes the word "flash."


After you have read widely, you may feel it’s time to publish your work.

When you are ready to submit your work for publication, there are many resources for you to consult.  There are two different categories: 1) sources that tell you how to publish and 2) literary magazines, in print and online, that feature flash and micro.  You’ll want to familiarize yourself with both categories and our favorites are listed below.

If you have questions, please ask your professor ( or a librarian.

This course guide was updated by Yasmeen Alkishawi, Heather Sellers, and Melanie Griffin in August of 2017