Oral History Program (OHP)

The Oral History Association recommends that historians who use oral histories “should endeavor to use the oral histories honestly and respectfully,” and to “remain true to the words and meanings offered by the narrator” (OHA Statement on Ethics). Materials in our digital oral history collections are the products of research projects by several individuals. USF Libraries assume no responsibility for the views expressed by interviewers or interviewees. Some interviews include material that may be viewed as offensive or objectionable. Parents of minors are encouraged to supervise use of USF Libraries Oral Histories and Digital Collections.

USF Libraries provides access to digitized Oral History for private study, scholarship, and research. Release forms have been obtained from both the interviewer and interviewees that approve of the USF Libraries’ sharing the materials in our digital collection. Copyright over Oral Histories hosted by the USF Libraries rests with the interviewee unless transferred to the interviewer in the course of the project. Interviewee views and information may also be protected by privacy and publicity laws.

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