Business Data Sets

The following page provides a list of datasets available on the WRDS platform provided by the University of South Florida Libraries.


Individual WRDS accounts are offered to standing faculty, full-time research staff, currently-enrolled Ph.D. students, and full-time Masters students at Subscriber institutions. Access and individual accounts for research assistants, visiting scholars, and other non-permanent faculty is offered at Wharton Research Data Service's discretion. Access by other types of students is limited to class accounts, and special IP authenticated access within the library or computer lab, as provided by Wharton Research Data Services.

Please note: Our WRDS policy may limit undergraduate/Masters students from accessing WRDS during the extended break between semesters.  If you have questions about this resource, please contact Matt Torrence at or Dennis Walpole at

List of WRDS Subscription Datasets

Bank Regulatory
Beta Suite by WRDS
CBOE Indexes
Compustat - Capital IQ
DMEF Academic Data
Dow JonesEfficient Frontier by WRDS
Event Study by WRDS
Fama French & Liquidity Factors
Federal Reserve Bank
Financial Ratios Suite by WRDS
Linking Suite by WRDS
MSCI (formerly KLD and GMI)
Penn World Tables
Peters and Taylor Total Q
Research Quotient
SAS Visual Analytics
SEC Order Execution

(List accurate as of 9/9/2018, but subscriptions subject to change)