Social Work

Sources for Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

Research that informs evidence-based practice comes from several sources. These sources include, peer-reviewed journal articles, randomized clinical trials, and clinical trials. Occasionally, books and selected websites can be good sources of reliable, evidence-based information. This page lists sources research articles, books, and web sites that contribute to evidence-based practice. 

Library Databases

Peer reviewed journals contain articles that have been through a rigorous review before being published. Because these articles have been through this review process, articles in peer-reviewed journals are good sources of evidence-based information. Useful keywords to use when searching for articles with evidence based information are:

  • treatment guidelines
  • best practices
  • guidelines
  • practice guidelines
  • evidence-based
  • treatment planners
  • clinical trial
  • randomized clinical trial
  • treatment outcomes


In general, caution is recommended when relying on websites for evidence-based information. Peer-reviewed journal articles based on research studies are your best sources of evidence-based information. However, there are some selected websites that feature practice guidelines written by experts in a particular field. 


Practice guidlines provide evidence-based guidelines for providing specific interventions. Books are often a good source of practice guidelines.