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Finding the Full Article

Many of the article databases listed in this guide will provide direct links to the full article being indexed.  If the full article is available online through another source you can find it by clicking on one of the following links:



The Find It @ USF or SFX link will direct you to online full text, if it is available, or to the Library Catalog to check for print holdings.

Selected LC Classifications for Psychology

BF1-990 Psychology
BF38-64 Philosophy.
BF173-175.5 Psychoanalysis
BF176-176.5 Psychological tests and testing
BF180-198.7 Experimental psychology
BF203 Gestalt psychology
BF207-209 Psychotropic drugs and other substances
BF231-299 Sensation. Aesthesiology
BF309-499 Consciousness. Cognition
BF501-505 Motivation

BF511-593 Affection. Feeling. Emotion 

BF608-635 Will. Volition. Choice. Control BF636-637 Applied psychology
BF638-648 New Thought. Menticulture, etc.

 BF660-685 Comparative psychology. Animal and human psychology
BF692-692.5 Psychology of sex. Sexual behavior
BF697-697.5 Differential psychology. Individuality. Self
BF698-698.9 Personality
BF699-711 Genetic psychology
BF712-724.85 Developmental psychology
Including infant psychology, child psychology, adolescence, adulthood
BF725-727 Class psychology
BF795-839 Temperament. Character
BF839.8-885 Physiognomy. Phrenology

HM1001-1281 Social psychology

HV Social Pathology