Citing Business Resources

Using ABI/Inform Global - Example references in APA and MLA formats

APA:     D’Souza, A., Wortmann, H., Huitema, G., & Velthuijsen, H. (2015). A business model design framework for viability; a business ecosystem approach. Journal of Business Models, 3(2), 1–28. Retrieved from

MLA:     D’Souza, Austin, et al. "A Business Model Design Framework for Viability; a Business Ecosystem Approach." Journal of Business Models, vol. 3, no. 2, 2015, pp. 1-28, ABI/INFORM Global,

Using Business Source Premier - Example references in APA and MLA formats

APA:     Jiang, Y., Liu, Y., Shang, J., Yildirim, P., & Zhang, Q. (2018). Optimizing online recurring promotions for dual-channel retailers: Segmented markets with multiple objectives. European Journal Of Operational Research, 267(2), 612-627.  


MLA:      Jiang, Yuanchun, et al. "Optimizing Online Recurring Promotions for Dual-Channel Retailers: Segmented Markets with Multiple Objectives." European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 267, no. 2, June 2018, pp. 612-627. Business Source Premier,

Using LexisNexis Academic - Example references in APA and MLA formats

APA:    Sozzi, B. (2016). Chipotle attacked, major critic blasts burrito chain. The Deal Pipeline, Retrieved from LexisNexis database.

MLA:     Sozzi, Brian. "Chipotle Attacked, Major Critic Blasts Burrito Chain." The Deal Pipeline. (December 13, 2016): 848 words. LexisNexis Academic.