CRW 3321: Poetry II

Finding Contextual Information on Poets

This assignment asks you to research your assigned poet and to locate one audio/visual resource and one quality written source. Your sources may include:

  1. a background reading (literary review, scholarly article, or essay)
  2. a lecture or talk given by your poet on poetry (in written form) and/or an interview with the poet (text not video)
  3. a recording (audio or video) of your poet reading their work out loud.

This guide will help you identify different resources that contain these information sources.

Finding Reviews

There are many resources locating poetry reviews. Try these first:

Finding Scholarly Articles and Essays

As with reviews, there are many resources in the Library that you can use to find scholarly articles and essays. These two resources are excellent places to start:

Finding Lectures and Interviews with Poets

The first place to check for interviews with and lectures given by contemporary poets is the poet's own website. Google your poet. Visit his/her website and see what the poet self-archives.

Not all poets have websites, and not all poets include all interviews on their websites. Make sure you also search in additional places, including:

Finding Recordings of Poet Readings

The best place to find videos of poets reading their own work is YouTube. Be a cautious consumer of YouTube, however, and ask:

  • who uploaded this video?
  • is this video what it claims to be?