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AI Tools and Resources

Introduction to generative AI concepts and tools

Citing AI Generated Writing

If you choose to use ChatGPT or some other AI technology for writing, be sure you are transparent about your use of it with your teachers and publishers and working within their policies and parameters. Each citation style has different recommendations for citing generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

  • APA 7:  Open AI.  (Year). ChatGPT (month day version) [Large Language Model].
  • MLA 9:  "Prompt text" prompt.  ChatGPT, day month. version, OpenAI, day month year,
  • Chicago:  ChatGPT, response to "Prompt text," OpenAI, month, day, year,

Check with the individual style guides for more detailed instructions on in text citation and variations. 

Citing AI in Your Research

Publisher Policies and Requirements

Before including generative AI tools in a project you intend to get published, make sure your target journal and publisher allow the integration of AI generated text and images with manuscript submissions.  Below are a few example publisher statements or policy on the use of AI in article submissions.