Academic Freedom and the Inclusive and Equitable Classroom


Welcome!  This guide was created to help educators navigate inclusive and equitable pedagogy as well as academic freedom around these topics. This is not a guide on antiracism or resources for students, but rather something to assist educators as they teach these topics. Challenges to teaching and learning materials about sexual and racial identity are not new in American schools and libraries. What is new is the way in which such books are being used in politics as bills across the country in conservative states are attempting to ban not just books, but free speech in the classroom about critical race theory, gender identity, Black lives matter, and even the Holocaust. This guide focuses on pedagogical resources and strategies that deal with subjects that are considered controversial in communities across the nation. If you would like resources on antiracism please see our Antiracism Reading List. If you would like background resources on different topics in diversity, equity and inclusion please see our guide of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This guide is a work in process and we welcome feedback. Please use this form to provide suggestions. 

University of South Florida Principles of Community

USF's Principles of Community can be found here: These principles apply to all students, faculty, staff and administrators.