IDH 4950: Picture This!


Welcome to the library course guide for Picture This! This virtual handout will direct you to specific locations on the library website to obtain needed information for your annotated bibliography and research project. 

How to Get an "A" on Your Research Paper

LOCATE books, encyclopedia articles, scholarly journal articles and images that support your research topic on the USF Libraries website.

  • BOOKS:  Find books (print and electronic) using Find It! or the Advanced Search in the USF Libraries Catalog. On this guide, click on the BOOKS tab on the left.
  • ENCYCLOPEDIA ARTICLES:  Find information in Oxford Art Online. On this guide, click on the ARTICLES tab.
  • SCHOLARLY JOURNAL ARTICLES:  Locate at least five scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal articles for your annotated bibliography using Find It! or the databases listed on the ARTICLES page of this course guide..

EVERYTHING you will need you can access from the RESEARCH TOOLS tab: Subject & Course Guides, USF Libraries Catalog, Databases, Find It!, Citing Sources, and Find my Librarian.

Cite the Sources You Used

CITE the sources you read and used in your footnotes and bibliography.

  • Use the Notes and Bibliography system from the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition. You can access this information from the Citing Sources page.

Create a Bibliography

ANNOTATE your sources

  • An bibliography is a list of citations to the sources you used (books, scholarly articles, images, videos), which allows the reader to know, read, and follow up on any sources you used.  You will be using The Chicago Manual of Style.

Label Image(s)

LABEL properly all of the images you use as a Figure (see Chicago Manual of Style)

  • Refer to the Figure in the text of your paper.

Write a Well-Written Research Paper

WRITE a college level research paper.

  • Use good sources to support the thesis of your paper.
  • Properly format your research paper.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Writing Studio.


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