Business Data Sets


Promoting itself as an easy access, comprehensive “data marketplace”, Intrinio provides access to financial and basic profile data from public companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and BATS Stock Exchanges. Intrinio pulls data from multiple sources, including the SEC, FRED, FDIC, and 3rd party data vendors. Also included are over 500 metrics and ratios. In addition, Intrinio provides access to all publicly traded U.S. securities and 100,000 globally-traded securities. 

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  • Getting Real-time Help from Intrinio Staff:

For help, Intrinio offers a real time chat feature on their website from around 9:00 AM ET to 6 PM ET each weekday, and 10:00 AM ET to 3:00 PM ET on the weekend. Reach out and chat with Intrinio staff if you need guidance.

Using Intrinio on USF computers (USF IP Authentication)

The USF IP authentication instructions below should be used only on USF library computers, USF computer lab computers, and any other university owned machines that are not taken off campus. It should not be used on student/faculty personal computers.  

Using USF IP authentication, there is no need to create or sign up for an account on the Intrinio site. On all USF owned machines on campus, simply follow the initial install instructions below for the Excel add-in, Google Sheets add-on, Web API, and File Download platforms:

When prompted to enter in an API username and password in the tutorials above, please enter the below:


API Password: 8648-6377-5774

You will only need to enter those in once on each machine, and each machine will be tied to your USF account with all appropriate subscriptions.


Using Intrinio on personal laptops

Individual Account Signup

Follow the below instructions when signing up for Intrinio to use on your personal computers. This will enable you to access your account both on and off campus, as the access will be tied to your USF email domain, rather than an IP address.

To get started, go to our generic getting started page, click here

Make you sign up using your email address or address.  Once established, you will automatically receive your own Intrinio account with the university level subscription. Once the account is created, follow the instructions to install one or all of the platforms below:

For individual accounts, you will use your own API keys tied to your account. If you have any issues seeing/finding your API keys, you can view them on your individual account page, here.