EDG 7368 Visual Research Methods in Education

Some links to APA information about citing visual media appropriately

How to Cite Images Using APA

Owner/author. (publish date or n.d.) Title of image in italics. Retrieved from URL (no period at the end)

Don't know date? Use n.d.Don't know title of image? Put a descriptive title in brackets [descriptive title].

See examples from the University of Maryland guide.

See also:

General Rule for Citing Images Published on the Web

Kitchens, R. (2013). Chart for APA Citations of Images on the Web Retrieved from http://libguides.scf.edu/content.php?pid=107184&sid=1354168

Citing Unpublished Photographs You Took Yourself

 According to the OWL at Purdue, "you do not  need documentation or credit...when you use your own artwork, digital photographs, video, audio, etc." (OWL, 2013). For more detailed information see:



Citing Unpublished Photographs Taken by Another Person

For this you can cite the photo the way you would a published one, without the URL.

Owner/author. (publish date or n.d.) Title of image in italics. [photograph].
(include URL if item is public and published from a blog, Flickr or Facebook)
You also want to include a permission or copyright statement that credits the photographer (copyright permission of Susan Ariew).

Be sure to include a caption for all photos, giving them context with the rest of your document.

Citing an unpublished photograph using APA style when one is not  the creator of the photograph and the creator's name is known.