Applied Anthropology for Undergraduates


Whether stored on the shelf or electronically, books can be a valuable way to gather material on a topic. The USF Libraries use the Library of Congress call number classification system.  Materials related to certain subjects are organized and grouped together.

For anthropology, try browsing these sections of the call number system:

GN1-GN890 Anthropology

GN49-GN298 Physical Anthropology

GN301-GN674 Ethnology, Social, and Cultural Anthropology

GN345.7-GN348 Ethnology, Special Methods

GN378-GN396 Ethnographies


Subject Headings can also be useful search terms. Try searching the headings below in the Find It! at USF Libraries search, to discover materials related to Applied Anthropology:

Subject Headings Related to Methods 

 Action Research -- Methodology

 Aging research -- methodological issues

 Anthropology -- Research

 Anthropology -- Fieldwork

 Anthropology -- Methodology

 Communities -- Research -- Methodology

 Culture -- Research -- Methodology

 Ethnology -- Related Subjects

 Ethnology -- Fieldwork

 Ethnology -- Methodology

 Ethnology -- Research


 Fieldwork -- Anthropology

 Fieldwork -- Ethnology

 Fieldwork -- Ethnomusicology

 Focus Groups -- Related Subjects

 Indigenous peoples -- Research -- Methodology

 Interdisciplinary Research -- Methodology

 Internet -- Social Aspects -- Research Methodology

 Interviewing in sociology

 Mixed methods research

 Narrative inquiry (Research method)

 Oral history -- Methodology

 Oral History Methodology

 Post-colonialism -- Research -- Methodology

 Qualitative research -- Methodology

 Quantitative research -- Methodology

 Race -- Research -- Methodology

 Social epistemology

 Social surveys -- Methodology

 Social sciences -- Biographical methods

 Social sciences -- Field work

 Social sciences -- Methodology

 Social sciences -- Research -- Methodology

 Social sciences -- Statistical methods

 Social Surveys -- Methodology

 Sociology -- Research -- Methodology

 Urban anthropology -- Fieldwork

 Visual anthropology -- Methodology

 Visual Sociology -- Methodology

 Visual Sociology -- Research Methodology

 Mathematical anthropology


Subject Headings Related to Application 

  Anthropological linguistics

  Applied anthropology


  Architecture and anthropology

  Art and anthropology

  Assimilation (Sociology)

  Baseball--Anthropological aspects

  Bible and anthropology

  Business anthropology

  Communication in anthropology

  Componential analysis in anthropology

  Dance--Anthropological aspects

  Demographic anthropology

  Design--Anthropological aspects

  Educational anthropology

  Emotions--Anthropological aspects


  Ethics--Anthropological aspects

  Extraterrestrial anthropology

  Technological complexity

 Theater--Anthropological aspects

  Feminist anthropology

  Fishing--Anthropological aspects

  Historical sociology

  Homelessness--Anthropological aspects

  Homophobia in anthropology

  Human geography

  Insects--Anthropological aspects

  Irony in anthropology

  Karate--Anthropological aspects

  Language and languages

  Law and anthropology


  Literature and anthropology

  Maritime anthropology

  Martial arts--Anthropological aspects

  Marxist anthropology

  Mass media and anthropology

  Medical anthropology

  Missions--Anthropological aspects

  Nutritional anthropology

  Opera--Anthropological aspects

  Parapsychology and anthropology

  Performing arts--Anthropological aspects

  Phenomenological anthropology

  Photography in anthropology

  Physical anthropology

  Political science--Anthropological aspects

  Psychoanalysis and anthropology

  Public anthropology

  Racism in anthropology

  Research institutes--Anthropological aspects

  Sex--Anthropological aspects

  Sexism in anthropology

  Soccer--Anthropological aspects

  Social structure

  Sports--Anthropological aspects

  Suicide--Anthropological aspects

  Symbolic anthropology