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USF Libraries Faculty Search Committee Process - Template

Interview Announcements

The Search Committee Chair will announce all onsite interviews via the USF Libraries' faculty, administration, and staff distribution lists and USF-News.

Search committee members are asked to refer to the Libraries' intranet for sample meeting and interview announcements. Click here to log in.

Interview Checklist

Search committees will use this checklist to ensure the successful and efficient management of on-site interview logistics:

  • The Committee Chair provides a list of candidates to Dean Todd Chavez for approval before initiating on-site interview process
  • Upon the Dean's approval, Committee Chair initiates contact with candidates to arrange on-site interviews
  • The Committee Chair works with Florence Jandreau to determine on-site interview schedule
  • JoAnn DeLarm coordinates candidates' travel arrangements and transportation and hotel logistics
  • The Committee Chair and JoAnn DeLarm work collaboratively to arrange dinner and lunch reservations
  • The Committee Chair and JoAnn DeLarm schedule meeting rooms for on-site interviews and/or presentations
  • The Committee determines which members will: provide candidate transportation to and from airport and to and from hotel; escort candidate to lunch; provide candidate with a tour of the library; etc.
  • Working with Florence Jandreau, JoAnn DeLarm, and the appropriate department chair, the Committee Chair will coordinate a social opportunity for the candidate and departmental faculty

Example Schedule

Day 0 Evening Arrival

Dinner with the Dean, Associate Dean, or Assistant Dean and the Search Committee Chair

Day 1 On-site Interview


  • Extended meeting with Search Committee
  • Brief meeting with Promotion Committee
  • Presentation to Search Committee and invited participants
  • Social networking with all library personnel


Lunch (Noon)

  • Attend on-campus lunch with Search Committee Chair and select department faculty



  • Meet with target campus department(s)
  • Social opportunity with librarians and departmental faculty



  • On your own
Day 2 On-site Interview


  • Extended meeting with Search Committee; questions from candidate
  • Meeting with library leadership
  • Meeting with USF Libraries Dean and Library HR


Interview Process

Search committee members will select all interview questions from a "bank" compiled by Library HR. While phone and in-person questions will likely differ, committee members are obligated to remember that all candidates in a particular category MUST be asked the same questions during that phase of the process. This means that the committee will ask the same questions of all candidates selected for phone interviews. Accordingly, all candidates selected for on-site interviews will receive the questions identified for that particular phase of the process. 

Note: Search committee members may ask follow-up questions. All follow-up questions must be documented, as it may be necessary to  ask remaining candidates the same question.