DAN 4163: Research in Dance

This guide will help you identify sources that are appropriate to use when researching your topic in the USF Libraries.

Welcome to Research in Dance

This course guide will assist you with discovering library resources when searching for information for your Research in Dance class with Dr. Morris.  It will provide the basis for your exploration of library information sources which will add to your foundation of becoming inform ation literate.

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Information Literacy

What is Information Literacy?

Information Literacy is the ability to use critical thinking skills to know what kind of information you are looking for, know how to find the information you need, know how to evaluate the information you find to determine if it is what you need and learn how to use the information properly for your research projects.  It basically consists of these components:

  • KNOW what your information needs are.
  • ACCESS the information you need.  Know where to look and how to search for it.
  • EVALUATE the information you found and determine if it is what you need.
  • USE information properly.  Know when and how to cite what you used.
  • ETHICAL/LEGAL is to give credit to what you use and avoid plagiarism.

Research Check-List

Think about your topic.  Brainstorm with yourself!  What are some possible subject terms you could use to search for resources about your topic?  Try them.  Review your results.  Are you finding what you need?

Here is a basic check-list of "things to do" when conducting research: