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Media Resources: Images, Video, and Audio

How to find and use media resources provided by the USF Libraries for your teaching, learning, and research needs.

Streaming Media F.A.Q.

  1. What’s the difference between Kanopy and Swank vs. the other streaming media platforms?

Kanopy and Swank allow us to lease or rent individual titles for an annual fee, paid each year for each title. Generally, titles on Kanopy are $150 per title per year and $185 per title on the Swank platform. Each title expires at a different time and must be tracked individually to make sure our records are updated as access changes. The USF Libraries will continue to subscribe to database platforms that include streaming media.

  1. The video I need is on Netflix.  Why can’t the library just make it available through there?

The USF Libraries, as an institutional subscriber, is not able to lease content hosted on platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus. Only individuals can subscribe to those platforms.

  1. Why doesn’t the library have a budget for streaming media?

Streaming media was initially funded in 2015 through the Student Tech Fee process. When those funds were exhausted in 2017, the USF Libraries continued the curriculum-based service with alternate funding derived from foundation accounts and “salary savings” from vacant positions. At this point in the program, expenditures topped $150,000 annually. Absent sufficient recurring funding, we intended to conclude this program in 2019. However, the COVID pandemic intervened and when courses went online this past spring, we allocated the last of our remaining funds ($100k) to meet streaming video demands. The USF Libraries will fund this initiative through the Fall 2021 semester and purchase selected perpetual content if possible while we wind down leased content on the Kanopy and Swank platforms. 

  1. Can’t we just digitize the DVDs from the collection and upload them to Canvas for my class?

Unfortunately, the USF Libraries does not have the capacity to get copyright permissions for individual titles in order to digitize the DVDs. We also do not have a platform available on which to host the titles. For more information on copyright and showing films in your course, please consult Showing Videos in Online Classes and the T.E.A.C.H. Act.

  1. How do I know when (or if) access to a specific title that I need will expire?

A full list of titles with expiration dates is available and will be updated regularly.

  1. Is all streaming media going away, or will some material still be available?

Content that is perpetually available will continue, and the USF Libraries is analyzing usage patterns of Kanopy content to determine if we can purchase-to-own selected titles to keep them available to the USF community in perpetuity. Other titles will expire individually during the 2022 calendar year. A full list of titles with expiration dates is available and will be updated regularly. The USF Libraries continues to subscribe to database platforms that include streaming media.

  1. When you say “perpetual” versus “leased” or “rented”, what does that mean?

Through contractually-defined perpetual access, the USF Libraries’ retains permanent e-based access. Leased and rented access is time limited. The USF Libraries is refocusing its collection expenditures on items that we can acquire with perpetual access rather than leased materials associated with recurring annual costs.

  1. I’m teaching a film class. How am I supposed to get the films I need for my students?

The library is not always able to provide classroom instruction materials. If the library does not have what you need, please consult your Liaison Librarian for suggestions. Remember that we have a number of DVDs available in the collection that can be put on Course Reserves for your students. We have also curated a selection of freely accessible video and other media content on the Digital Learning Objects & Media Tools to Supplement Instruction guide.

  1. Will I lose access to all titles on Kanopy and Swank on Jan. 1, 2022?

No. Once we lease or “rent” a title on Kanopy or Swank, we have it for a full year. A full list of titles with expiration dates is available and will be updated regularly.

  1. Can I show streaming titles at an event or club activity?

Most DVDs, VHS, and streaming movies in the Libraries’ catalog do not come with public performance rights. A few Libraries’ database/vendor agreements include limited licenses for public performance for free on campus events. Streaming titles from Kanopy, Docuseek, and Films Media Group on the 'Currently Available Streaming Titles' page may be shown at events on campus as long as no money is being collected.