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Media Resources: Images, Video, and Audio

How to find and use media resources provided by the USF Libraries for your teaching, learning, and research needs.

Currently Available Streaming Titles

The list below includes currently available titles on any platform, including SWANK and Kanopy, for which access has been purchased per title by the USF Libraries.  Each title includes expiration and platform information. This list was last updated on 1/27/2021.

This list does not reflect individual titles available via the streaming video databases to which the library has arranged access.  A list of those databases is available in the navigation menu on the left.

#-G H-R S-Z


Titles #-G

Title (hyperlinked) Expires Vendor Platform
100 Years: One Woman's Fight for Justice for Native Americans 12/04/2021 Kanopy
1492—The Columbian Exchange  8/21/2021 Kanopy
1859—Darwin and the Origin of Species  8/21/2021 Kanopy
60 Minutes:  All in the Family 7/26/2022 Alexander Street Press
A Beautiful Mind 6/30/2021 SWANK
A Fragile Paradise  8/21/2021 Kanopy
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night  7/22/2021 Kanopy
A Midwife's Tale 2/16/2022 Kanopy
A Place Called Chiapas 10/13/2021 Kanopy
A River Runs Through it   9/30/2021 SWANK
Absolutely Safe 2/22/2022 Kanopy
Adaptation  8/31/2021 SWANK
African American English 1/22/2022 Kanopy
After Hours  8/31/2021 SWANK
After Stonewall 10/13/2021 Kanopy
Akeelah and the Bee 11/30/2021 SWANK
Ali  9/30/2021 SWANK
Amazon River: Pristine and Unprotected   Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
American Beauty 12/31/2021 SWANK
American Experience: The Swamp 9/30/2021 Kanopy
An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing :  Resolving Ambivalence and Changing Behavior  9/10/2021 Alexander Street Press
An Outrage: The History and Legacy of Lynching in the South   8/5/2021 Kanopy
Andy Warhol 8/21/2021 Kanopy
Andy Warhol: a Portrait of the Pop Artist 8/21/2021 Kanopy
Anita: Speaking Truth to Power 3/05/2022 Kanopy
Arab Invasion of North Africa 10/07/2021 Kanopy
Arab World's Greatest Writer: al-Jahiz 10/07/2021 Kanopy
Architects Herzog and de Meuron 10/23/2021 Kanopy
Armenian Genocide-Educator's Edition   Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Art & Copy  2/03/2022 Kanopy
Augustus, the First Emperor 1/08/2022 Kanopy
Away From Her 2/28/2022 SWANK
Azul y No Tan Rosa 4/26/2022 Alexander Street Press
Back to Basics 10/09/2021 Kanopy
Bad Sugar 10/28/2021 Kanopy
Becoming American 6/15/2022  
Before Stonewall 10/26/2021 Kanopy
Behavioral Couples Therapy  7/23/2021 Kanopy
Behavioral Experiments 10/22/2021 Kanopy
Best of Youth  8/31/2021 SWANK
Bicycle Thieves 2/03/2022 Kanopy
Big Short, The  8/31/2021 SWANK
Black Feminist  7/29/2023 Alexander Street Press
Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy     9/1/2021 Kanopy
Bowenian Family Therapy  10/8/2021 Kanopy
Brand New You 5/20/2022 Kanopy
Brazil: Urban Planning Challenges    Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Brief Strategic Family Therapy in Practice 2/19/2024 Alexander Street Press
Brokeback Mountain 1/31/2022 SWANK
Bronislaw Malinowski:  Off the Veranda  7/19/2023 Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Building a Therapeutic Alliance with  Adolescent Boys  3/20/2023 Alexander Street Press
Cabaret  7/31/2021 SWANK
Camorra 10/09/2021 Kanopy
Carrington  8/31/2021 SWANK
Casablanca  12/31/2021 SWANK
Celebrate What's Right With The World     8/10/2021 Kanopy
Chad: Hydraulic Projects and Peace  Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Charm City      8/5/2021 Kanopy
Children Experiencing Fear and Anxiety    3/20/2023 Alexander Street Press
Children of Men       8/31/2021 SWANK
China: Sustainable Homebuilding   Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Cider House Rules, The     1/31/2022 SWANK
City of God/Cidade de Deus 5/31/2022 SWANK
Clandestine Childhood 5/11/2022 Kanopy
Coal Miner's Daughter  9/30/2021 SWANK
Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression, Individualized Case Formulation and Treatment Planning 2/12/2024 Alexander Street Press
Cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescent depression  3/20/2023 Alexander Street Press
Collateral Damage 10/28/2021 Kanopy
Colonialism and the Independence Movement 10/26/2021 Kanopy
Confucian Remembrance, Daoist Forgetting 10/05/2021 Kanopy
Congo Basin: Sustainable Forestry Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Conspiracy  8/31/2021 SWANK
Constructing the Terrorist Threat 9/22/2021 Kanopy
Construction Revolution 1/04/2022 Kanopy
Consuming Kids 11/02/2021 Kanopy
Cradle to Jail (Part 2) 4/22/2022 Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Cradle to Jail  (Part 1) 4/22/2022 Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Crash 1/31/2022 SWANK
Creative Brain, The (CC)   9/05/2022 Kanopy
Creating Gender Inclusive Schools 1/22/2022 Kanopy
Criminal Doctors: Nazi Medical Experimentation at Auschwitz  10/04/2021 Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Critical Thinking and Research  7/16/2021 Kanopy
Crossing Arizona 3/18/2022 Kanopy
Curious Case of Benjamin Button  12/31/2021 SWANK
Curse of Oil, The Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Daughter from Danang 9/22/2021 Kanopy
Daughters of the Dust 11/06/2021 Kanopy
Death and Syncretism in China 10/29/2021 Kanopy
Decoding Neanderthals  6/24/2021 Kanopy
Defiant Lives : The Rise Of The Disability Rights Movement  8/10/2021 Kanopy
Defining American English Dialects 1/22/2022 Kanopy
Depression: a Cognitive Therapy Approach 2/12/2022 Kanopy
Design is One  9/18/2021 Kanopy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy 3/6/2022 Kanopy
Diving into Research  7/16/2021 Kanopy
Divorce Italian Style 9/29/2021 Kanopy
Do Not Resist 8/22/2023 Film Platform
Do the Right Thing  1/31/2022 SWANK
Dogtooth  8/21/2021 Kanopy
Donald Meichenbaum on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy  6/18/2021 Kanopy
Double Indemnity  8/31/2021 SWANK
Downward Arrow Technique 10/22/2021 Kanopy
Dreamworlds 3 11/02/2021 Kanopy
Drowned Out  5/8/2022 Docuseek2
Eames: The Architect and The Painter 2/03/2022 Kanopy
Early English Aloud and Alive: The Language of Beowulf, Chaucer, and Shakespeare Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Earth Days  6/29/2021 Kanopy
Eating Alaska  3/15/2022 Kanopy
Eco-initiatives: Weathering Climate Change Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Eco-preneurs: Business Goes Green Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Edward II 9/18/2021 Kanopy
El Cacao: The Challenge of Fair Trade 10/14/2021 Kanopy
El Secreto de Sus Ojos 4/26/2022 Alexander Street Press
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy  8/6/2021 Kanopy
Endless Questions 7/16/2021 Kanopy
Erin Brockovich 9/30/2021 SWANK
Eternal Beauty: The Story of the Third Reich Through its own Propaganda Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  12/31/2021 SWANK
E-Word, The:  Ebonics, Race and Language Politics  3/12/2023 Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Ex Machina 11/24/2021 Kanopy
Fargo  8/31/2021 SWANK
First Person Plural 8/27/2021 Kanopy
Fists in the Pocket  8/4/2021 Kanopy
Five Obstructions 5/18/2022 Kanopy
Food for All: Global Agriculture and the Developing World Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Food, Housing, and Employment in Rome 1/08/2022 Kanopy
Food Stamped 8/16/2022 Kanopy
Frank Boas:  The Shackles of Tradition  5/15/2023 Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Frank Lloyd Wright: Part I  8/13/2021 Kanopy
Frank Lloyd Wright: Part II  8/13/2021 Kanopy
Freedom Machines 10/29/2021 Kanopy
Frida  8/31/2021 SWANK
FRONTLINE: Generation Like 2/11/2022 Kanopy
FRONTLINE: To Catch a Trader 9/18/2021 Kanopy
Fruitvale Station  8/31/2021 SWANK
Ganges River: Sacred and Sullied Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Gasland Part II 7/7/2021 Kanopy
Get Out  8/31/2021 SWANK
Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis  9/13/2021 Kanopy
Girl Trouble 1/22/2022 Kanopy
Gladiators and Beast Hunt 12/08/2021 Kanopy
Global Dump: Toxic Waste and the Planetary Ecosystem Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Good Bye, Lenin  4/13/2022 Alexander Street Press
Good Night, and Good Luck  1/31/2022 SWANK
Goodfellas  7/31/2021 SWANK
Gray Matters: Architect & Designer Eileen Gray  8/13/2021 Kanopy
Grayson Perry 10/13/2021 Kanopy
Great Ideas of the Zhou - Confucianism  6/26/2021 Kanopy
Great Ideas of the Zhou - Daoism  6/26/2021 Kanopy
Greek Tragedy and the Sophists 9/18/2021 Kanopy
Green Book  8/31/2021 SWANK
Green Fuel Gamble: Better or Worse than Oil Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Green Power, Clean Choices Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner  8/31/2021 SWANK

Titles H-R

Title (hyperlinked) Expires Vendor/Platform
Hamlet 8/3/2021 Kanopy
Harvest, The = La Cosecha (CC)  10/24/2022 Kanopy
He Said, She Said 1/27/2022 Kanopy
Hear Me Now: The Bullied Have a Voice 8/3/2021 Kanopy
Heart of Darfur: Fighting an International Humanitarian Crisis Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Hedwig and the Angry Inch  8/31/2021 SWANK
Her  1/31/2022 SWANK
Herakles and the Greek Hero  7/23/2021 Kanopy
Hinduism and the Vedas  6/26/2021 Kanopy
Holding Ground 10/02/2021 Kanopy
Home Performance: The First Step to Green Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Homer and Indian Poetry  7/23/2021 Kanopy
Horror Noire  7/22/2023 Docuseek2
How to Survive a Plague 1/31/2022 SWANK
Hungry for Change  6/19/2021 Kanopy
Hunter Gatherer 8/27/2021 Kanopy
I Am a Girl 3/03/2022 Kanopy
I Am Legend  7/31/2021 SWANK
I Am Love 11/06/2021 Kanopy
I Am Not Your Negro 11/06/2021 Kanopy
I Am Sam  6/30/2021 SWANK
I Learn America 5/28/2022 Kanopy
Imitation Game  8/31/2021 SWANK
In Sickness and in Wealth (Unnatural Causes) 2/9/2022 Kanopy
In the Executioner's Shadow (CC)  10/05/2021 Kanopy
In the Light of Reverence  5/08/2022 Docuseek2
In Whose Honor? 9/28/2021 Kanopy
InnSaei: The Power of Intuition  4/27/2022 Kanopy
Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Integrating Mindfulness into Counseling and Psychotherapy 11/10/2021 Kanopy
Intersexion  8/27/2021 Kanopy
Interstellar   8/31/2021 SWANK
Invictus  12/31/2021 SWANK
Invisible Threat  7/10/2021 Kanopy
Islam Comes to India 11/05/2021 Kanopy
It's Elementary—Talking About Gay Issues in School  10/9/2021 Kanopy
Journey to Italy 8/21/2021 Kanopy
Judaism - People of the Book  6/29/2021 Kanopy
Judaism: The Chosen People  6/26/2021 Kanopy
Jungle Fever  8/31/2021 SWANK
Just Mercy  8/31/2021 SWANK
Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl  9/10/2021 Kanopy
Kids are All Right, The  8/31/2021 SWANK
Killer of Sheep   3/26/2022 Alexander Street Press
Killing Us Softly 2/11/2022 Kanopy
Kiran Over Mongolia - Becoming an Eagle Master  6/19/2021 Kanopy
Kramer vs. Kramer  8/31/2021 SWANK
La Dolce  8/31/2021 SWANK
La Jetee 5/18/2022 Kanopy
La Rafle 1/04/2022 Kanopy
Lady Bird  12/31/2021 SWANK
Language Acquisition  7/9/2021 Kanopy
Language You Cry In 11/19/2021 Kanopy
Laos: Culture, Development, and Heritage Protection Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Latino Language and Dialects in America 1/22/2022 Kanopy
Le Cabanon par Le Corbusier  8/13/2021 Kanopy
Leaving Home, Coming Home 9/18/2021 Kanopy
Let's Make Money  1/08/2023 Docuseek2
Little Women (1933)  8/31/2021 SWANK
Lives of Others, The  2/01/2022 Alexander Street Press
Lost in Translation  6/30/2021 SWANK
Louis Kahn : Silence and Light  8/13/2021 Kanopy
Love and Basketball 8/31/2021 SWANK
Loving Vincent 6/18/2021 Kanopy
Madagascar: Agro-Ecology Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Man with a Movie Camera 2/5/2022 Kanopy
Manifesto 10/21/2021 Kanopy
Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present  3/8/2022 Kanopy
Marx: Genius of the Modern World  7/19/2023 Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Mary Ainsworth  6/14/2022 Kanopy
Master Qi and the Monkey King   7/28/2021 Kanopy
Mauritania: Heath Care for Pregnant Women Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Medieval Drama: From Sanctuary to Stage Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Meshes of the Afternoon 5/18/2022 Kanopy
Mickey Mouse Monopoly 11/10/2021 Kanopy
Mies  8/13/2021 Kanopy
Mies on Scene - Barcelona in Two Acts 8/13/2021 Kanopy
Mind of a Rampage Killer  8/13/2021 Kanopy
Miss Evers  8/31/2021 SWANK
Miss Representation 3/2/2022 Kanopy
Mississippi River: Triumphant and Tragic Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Mixed Anxiety and Depression  6/18/2021 Kanopy
Moonlight  8/21/2021 Kanopy
Moonlight  12/31/2021 SWANK
Mother of George  7/24/2021 Kanopy
Mouchette  8/7/2021 Kanopy
Murderball 3/02/2022 Kanopy
Music Within 1/31/2022 SWANK
My Dinner with Andre 11/02/2021 Kanopy
Mythology: Gods And Goddesses  7/23/2021 Kanopy
N!ai, The Story of a !Kung Woman 10/02/2021 Kanopy
Narrative Family Therapy  10/8/2021 Kanopy
Narrative Therapy with Children 6/08/2022 Kanopy
National Gallery  6/18/2021 Kanopy
Nebraska 2/28/2022 SWANK
Night and Fog 2/26/2022 KANOPY
Nile River: Shared or Monopolized? Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
No! 4/26/2022 Alexander Street Press
No Dumb Questions 3/18/2022 Kanopy
Not Just a Paycheck  6/15/2022 Kanopy
NOVA: Becoming Human  9/13/2021 Kanopy
Object Relations Therapy  6/8/2022 Kanopy
Obvious Child  1/31/2022 SWANK
Odysseus--The Trickster Hero  7/23/2021 Kanopy
One Woman, One Vote 1/11/2022 Alexander Street Press
Origins of Agriculture  7/14/2021 Kanopy
Orlando  8/05/2021 Alexander Street Press
Orphan Trains 9/3/2021 Kanopy
Our Asian Neighbors 8/14/2021 Kanopy
Out in the Night  3/15/2022 Kanopy
Outpatient Group Therapy - with Irvin Yalom 6/01/2022 Kanopy
Over-Exploiting the Oceans: The Dangers of Over-Fishing Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Pacific: Biodiversity and the Protection of Coral Reefs Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Paper Clips  11/30/2021 SWANK
Paths of Glory 5/31/2022 SWANK
Peak Oil? Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Permafrost: Secrets in Siberian Ice Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy  8/21/2021 Kanopy
Pink Ribbons, Inc. 2/22/2022 Kanopy
Place Matters 6/15/2022 Kanopy
Plant Seeds Get Around 8/28/2021 Kanopy
Poor Kids 9/25/2021 Kanopy
Precious  12/31/2021 SWANK
Precious Knowledge  10/5/2021 Kanopy
Precise Poetry: Lina Bo Bardi's Architecture  8/13/2021 Kanopy
Race - The Power of an Illusion  2/8/2022 Kanopy
Rain in a Dry Land  8/22/2022 Docuseek2
Rain Man  6/30/2021 SWANK
Raising Adam Lanza  8/4/2021 Kanopy
Raja Edepus  7/28/2021 Kanopy
Rape of Nanking, The Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Renoir  8/7/2021 Kanopy
Resilience 1/22/2022 Film Platform
Returning Fire 4/23/2022 Kanopy
Revolutionary Road  8/31/2021 SWANK
Rhine: A River of Unity and Diversity Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Rhymes for Young Ghouls  10//09/2021 Kanopy
Rich Media, Poor Democracy 2/11/2022 Kanopy
Richard Lavoie - The Motivation Breakthrough 12/02/2021 Kanopy
Rights and Wrongs  9/10/2021 Kanopy
Roman Literature 12/08/2021 Kanopy
Roman Values and Heroes 1/08/2022 Kanopy
Rome Open City  8/21/2021 Kanopy
Rome Part II: Late Republic to the Fall of the Roman Empire 12/08/2021 Kanopy

Titles S-Z

Title (hyperlinked) Expires Vendor/Plaform
Sarah's Key 12/31/2021 SWANK
Say My Name : Young Female Hip Hop and R&B Artists  8/10/2021 Kanopy
Secrets of Stonehenge  6/24/2021 Kanopy
Senegal, Tunisia, and Laos: The Private Sector in Economic Growth Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Senegal: Water Treatment and Distribution Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Seven Samurai 3/09/2022 Kanopy
Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World  6/26/2021 Kanopy
Sex(Ed): How Did You Learn About Sex?  8/10/2021 Kanopy
Shadowlands  6/30/2021 SWANK
Shaft 1/31/2022 SWANK
Shakespeare Series: Romeo and Juliet  8/21/2021 Kanopy
Shaman's Apprentice, The  7/02/2023 Docuseek2
She's Beautiful When She's Angry 9/18/2021 Kanopy
Shooting the Mafia  9/11/2021 Kanopy
Shored Up 2/08/2022 Kanopy
Silence of the Lambs  6/30/2021 SWANK
Silvered Water: Syria Self-Portrait  6/06/2022 Kanopy
Sins Invalid 10/23/2021 Kanopy
Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer:  Fieldwork  7/19/2023 Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Skin Deep 11/10/2021 Kanopy
Slavery 10/21/2021 Kanopy
Sociology is a Martial Art  7/09/2023 Docuseek2
Solution-Focused Therapy  7/23/2021 Kanopy
Something in the Water -- The Flint Water Crisis ( (part of the America Divided series)  1/15/2022 Kanopy
Speak Up! 9/28/2021 Kanopy
Speaking in Tongues  10/23/2021 Kanopy
Stagecoach 9/24/2021 Kanopy
Stalker 7/8/2021 Kanopy
Stepford WIves, The  8/31/2021 SWANK
Still Killing Us Softly 4 2/11/2022 Kanopy
Stones and Bones: The Birth of Archaeology Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Straightlaced 10/06/2021 Kanopy
Strange Beliefs:  Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard, 1902-1973   8/07/2021 Alexander Street Press
Stranger Than Paradise  8/21/2021 Kanopy
Structural Family Therapy 9/18/2021 Kanopy
Sustainable Landscaping: Growing a Greener Home Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Tadao Ando  8/13/2021 Kanopy
The Artist 1/31/2022 SWANK
The Battle of Algiers 10/26/2021 Kanopy
The Business of Being Born 2/28/2022 SWANK
The Class Divide --Battle to Fix Inequality in Education ( (part of the America Divided series)  1/15/2022 Kanopy
The Clitoris:  Forbidden Pleasure   5/21/2023 Docuseek2 
The Crucible: Punic Wars, Roman Imperialism 12/08/2021 Kanopy
The Democratic Promise:  Saul Alinsky and His Legacy  10/24/2021 Alexander Street Press
The Economics of Happiness 10/23/2021 Kanopy
The Epidemic -- Addiction and Deindustrialization (part of the America Divided series)  1/15/2022 Kanopy
The First Year 9/29/2021 Kanopy
The Florida Project (2017) 8/18/2021 Kanopy
The Golden Fleece and the Hero’s Return  7/24/2021 Kanopy
The Good Life in Rome 1/04/2022 Kanopy
The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza) 5/18/2022 Kanopy
The Heart Broken in Half 8/5/2021 Kanopy
The Hidden Art of Islam 10/30/2021 Kanopy
The Insult 10/09/2021 Kanopy
The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness 10/21/2021 Kanopy
The Language You Cry In  11/19/2021 Kanopy
The Legacy of Unresolved Loss  9/14/2021 Kanopy
The Lives of the Poor in Rome 1/04/2022 Kanopy
The Mafia Kills Only in the Summer 8/21/2021 Kanopy
The Mask You Live In  8/13/2021 Kanopy
The Maya, Aztecs, and Mesoamerica  8/21/2021 Kanopy
The Perks of Being a Wallflower 12/31/2021 Swank
The Pruitt-Igoe Myth   8/13/2021 Kanopy
The Rape of Europa  6/18/2021 Kanopy
The Return of Martin Guerre 11/13/2021 Kanopy
The Revisionaries 1/21/2022 Kanopy
The Road To Brown  7/17/2021 Kanopy
The Roman Army 12/08/2021 Kanopy
The Sensitives  7/10/2021 Kanopy
The Therapeutic Relationship, Individualized Treatment and Other Keys to Successful Psychotherapy  5/26/2022 Kanopy
The Two Horses of Genghis Khan  6/19/2021 Kanopy
Thelma & Louise  8/31/2021 SWANK
There Will Be Blood  8/31/2021 SWANK
They Call Me Muslim 10/05/2021 Kanopy
Thinking Green, Building Smart Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
This is Home: a Refugee Story  5/08/2022 Docuseek2
This is the End  8/31/2021 SWANK
Tintoretto: A Rebel in Venice 2/01/2022 Kanopy
Tomboy  4/22/2022 Kanopy
Tongues Untied 9/4/2021 Kanopy
Toni Morrison: A Writer's Work Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Tough Guise 2  11/13/2021 Kanopy
Toxins Return:  How Industrial Poisons Travel the Globe Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Traffic In Souls  8/11/2021 Kanopy
Transportation Alternatives and the Ecocity  8/27/2021 Kanopy
Treasured Places in Peril: Global Warning Impacts on the Southeast   Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Triangle Fire 9/28/2021 Kanopy
Tropicália  8/21/2021 Kanopy
Truman Show, The  1/31/2022 SWANK
Una Noche 5/31/2022 SWANK
Under the Sun 1/12/2022 Kanopy
Understanding Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Up in the Air 1/31/2022 SWANK
Up North  1/24/2023 Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Upstream Battle: A Case Study in Native American Fishing Rights    Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Vaccines: Calling the Shots  10/26/2021 Kanopy
Waiting Room, The  9/04/2022 Docuseek2
Wangari Maathai: For Our Land Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Warrior Marks  9/10/2021 Kanopy
Waste Land 9/18/2021 Kanopy
Welcome to the Sticks  8/21/2021 Kanopy
West by Orphan Train 9/3/2021 Kanopy
What is Islam? 6/26/2021 Kanopy
What’s Race Got to Do With It 6/24/2021 Kanopy
When the Bough Breaks  (Unnatural Causes series) 2/9/2022 Kanopy
Which Way Home  8/26/2022 Docuseek2
White Like Me 3/15/2022 Kanopy
White Oleander  08/31/2021 SWANK
White Scripts And Black Supermen  7/14/2021 Kanopy
Who Owns the Past?  7/22/2021 Kanopy
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf  1/31/2022 SWANK
Who's Destroying the Forest: A Global Analysis Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Whose Streets?  8/6/2021 Kanopy
Wilhelmina's War 1/15/2022 Kanopy
William Miller on Motivational Interviewing 6/24/2021 Kanopy
Wolf of Wall Street  8/31/2021 SWANK
Wonder Woman  7/31/2021 SWANK
World Apart: Global Inequality and its Consequences Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Wrestling Ghosts 10/02/2021 Kanopy
Y Tu Mama Tambien  12/31/2021 SWANK
Yangtze River: China's Wild Lifeline Perpetual access Films Media Group/Films on Demand 
Zora Neale Hurston 9/29/2021 Kanopy