Library Skills for All Students

USF Libraries Catalog: Basic Searching

Why use the library catalog to look up books to determine if the library has that title? When searching in the library catalog you can obtain library records more quickly by using keywords, titles, and authors. Included in the library record is information about the location of the book (floor map), the number of pages, the subjects the book covers, etc. You can also narrow your search by Library/Collection, Format, Time Period, Geographic Area and Language, if needed.

Why use the USF Libraries Catalog to locate library records for print books instead of FIND IT? You will discover:

  • Your search results are more specific. 
  • You obtain more pertinent library records for print books faster.
  • Too many click-throughs are required to narrow your search in FIND IT! 
  • You cannot get a floor map of the book’s location.

This video will show you how to:

  • Conduct a basic search for print books in the USF Libraries Catalog and the different types of searches you can do.

Finding books on the shelf