MUH 3016: Survey of Jazz

Writing Assignments

This course requires two writing assignments in which you develop your writing skills through the draft and rewrite process.  The writing assignments are the Global Citizens Assignment and the Diversity and Race Assignment. A draft is the completed paper and includes all of the requirements for the assignment. 

These writing assignments are designed so that you will research and write about music using your own words and descriptions. 

See your syllabus for more detailed information regarding the specifics of each assignment.

Listed below are several suggestions when researching and writing your paper.

Select a topic of interest to you

Use research materials TO SUPPORT YOUR PAPER
Conduct preliminary research to determine if there is enough information about the topic

Present concepts in your own words
Include quotes for added interest 
Place quotes in the appropriate place in your paper

Describe the music of the artist/group in the body of the paper
Cite information about the sources you used for your research about the artist/group and recordings

Properly quote and cite information you used in your paper from your research   

Use quotes from the artist/group and/or reviews to support your points
Give credit to the creator of the information by citing the information you used properly
Follow the Chicago of Manual Style (CMoS) for the references in your bibliography and discography 

Include discographies and references for your word count

Use large amounts of unnecessary quotes in the body of your paper to fill in for the word count
Copy information without properly citing and quoting the information
Plagiarize - This short module explains what plagiarism is =  Avoiding Plagiarism