MUH 3016: Survey of Jazz

Chicago Manual of Style

You will be using the Chicago Manual of Style, Notes and Bibliography.  This citation system is used for citing the sources you used in your research paper. This is very important to do because it means you are acknowledging, and giving credit, to the creator of the source. 

Start at Library homepage
Go to Research Tools > Citing Sources
Click on Chicago/Turabian Style

Use the notes and bibliography style for citing your sources.
     Under History > Chicago/Turabian Basics it states "the notes and bibliography style is preferred by many
     in the humanities, including ... the arts."

On this page you can see that there are copies of CMoS (Chicago Manual of Style) in print and online
Scroll down to the Chicago/Turabian Guides
Click on Chicago Manual of Style Online

BE SURE to log into the library website when you first begin to use it in order to get access to this database.  Information about the login process is available on the LibSkills guide.


Generally, discographies appear at the end of the paper and before the bibliography.  

Song Title." Album Title, Record Label, Year of Release. Artist. Album Title, Record Label, Year of Release.

In the discographies, explain the relevance of the recordings you used in your paper. 

Here is an example of an ANNOTATED DISCOGRAPHY (Figure 14.12).


For further readings about the proper structure for discographies:
Go to the red box called Contents
Right above it is a small search box
In the search box, type Discographies.


Click on the red box called Chicago Manual of Style Contents.  This is an index to the contents in the manual.
Scroll down to Part III. Source Citations and Indexes and 
Select 14. Notes and Bibliography.

Read through Source Citations: An Overview, Sources Consulted Online, and Basic Format, with Examples and Variations.

Alternate methods for create references for your bibliography include: