MUH 3016: Survey of Jazz

Assignment 1

If you practice searching, it will help you understand how to search efficiently and effectively in USF's research databases.

TRY THIS search.   Locate information about:  
Contemporary, international Jazz musician/group (a musician or group that comes from a country other than the USA).

> Search the database Find It! using the terms Irish jazz musicians in the Search Box
Sometimes it helps to use quotes around the search terms you want to search as a phrase "Irish jazz musicians"
You can try it both ways to see what results you get
Scroll down the listings of your results

I became interested in finding out more about Louis Stewart

> Next search for "Louis Stewart" and jazz because I wanted to be sure I retrieved information about Louis Stewart, the Jazz musician, and not another Louis Stewart

> Narrow your search on the left-hand side of the search screen you canto news articles (there are a lot of them), eBooks, academic journal articles and magazine articles 
I chose to select academic journals articles
Scroll through the results

> Do the same search in the database JSTOR because JSTOR has all full-text, scholarly articles
Search for "Louis Stewart" and jazz 

> Go to Grove Music Online for biographical information
Search for "Louis Stewart" and Jazz
The results retrieved are a variety of biographies, some where "Louis Stewart" is mentioned
However, there is one biography, <Stewart, Louis>, that you can click on to obtain the full article about Louis Stewart including Selected Recordings, a Bibliography, etc. 

> Go to Music Online: Jazz Music Library 
Search for "Louis Stewart" to discover recordings by Louis Stewart
These are recordings can be used for your discographies
Do additional searching in a variety of databases for information about the recordings using the name of the recordings


Assignment 2

TRY THIS search.   Locate information about:  
A jazz artist/group and how diversity and race issues played a role in their interactions with American society from 1900 -1960.

For this particular assignment, I decided to find out more information about Nina Simone.  I first had to determine if there was enough information about her, and if there is, do I need to focus on a particular topic about Nina Simone. My first inclination is to explore the topic.

Go to the library website, under Research Tools at the top of the screen, select the database Academic Search Premier.

Type "nina simone".

Review Research Starter.

Scroll through the list of sources. You will see there are a lot of citations.

Narrow your search by using the search terms "civil rights","civil rights movement", "civil rights", "human rights", activism, and "civil rights activist".

Notice that some articles have Cited References, meaning that is the number of other articles that were written that cited that article. 

Check the bibliographies of the articles you are most interested in and see if the library has those articles.

Try searching in the other databases listed on this guide or in the databases of your previous research assignment.