Florida Environment & Natural History

Subject Headings

Use these Library of Congress Subject Headings to help maximize your searches on online catalogs and databases regarding the topic of Florida's Environment & Natural History:

Conservation of Natural Resources -- Florida

Ecological Assessment

Ecology -- Environmental Sciences

Environmental Protection

Environment -- Florida 

Libraries -- Special Collections -- Conservation of Natural Resources


Browsing Areas

When you are visiting the Tampa campus library, these Library of Congress classification codes will help you narrow down your browsing area for materials related to Florida's Environment and Natural History:

GE1-350 (Environmental Sciences)

GF51 (Environmental Influences on Humans)

GF75 (Human Influences on the Environment)

QH1-278.5  (Natural History - General)

QH301-705.5 (Biology - General)

QK1-474.5 (Botany - General)

QK1-991 (Zoology - General)

S900-972 (Conservation of Natural Resources - Including Land Conservation)

SB481-486 (Parks & Public Reservations)

SD411-428 (Forestry - Conservation & Protection - Including Fires and Forest Reserves)

SH1-691 (Aquaculture, Fisheries, and Angling)

SK351-579 (Wildlife Management & Game Protection)

TA170-171 (Environmental Engineering)

TC1501-1800 (Ocean Engineering)

TD1-1066 (Environmental Technology)

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