EndNote x9

Sharing Groups

EndNote allows you to share groups of references. First, you organize your references into logical groups, and then you can allow certain people to view designated folders. You have the option of allowing them to just view the group (read only), or for them to also add and use things from your group (read + write).

This comes in particularly useful when working on a group project or when writing an article with collaborators.

IMPORTANT: You can only have shared groups with EndNote Online (Basic). You can transfer references from those EndNote Online (Basic) groups to a desktop EndNote library, but the actual shared group must exist in EndNote Online (Basic).

To share a Group:

1. Highlight the name of the group to be shared and choose Groups>Share Group OR right click on a Group name, then choose Share Group

2. Enter the email address of the EndNote users you want to share the group with. Each person will receive a notification and the shared folder will appear under Groups Shared by others. Be sure to grant Read and Write access. That way others may add and use the citations in the folder.  

3. Each person will receive an email inviting them to access the shared folder. The folder will appear under the heading Groups Shared by Others

4. The person who shared the Group will see the share denoted by the share icon to the left of the group name.

5. Anyone who has access to the shared folder can add citations. To add citations to a folder shared by someone else. To add citations:

  • Access your EndNote Online account. You can do this by either logging into EndNote online, or by choosing the shared group from your list of Groups Shared by Others. This will open your EndNote online account.
  • Open the folder in your account that contains citations to be shared with the Group.
  • Choose ALL or select references to share