EndNote x9

Installing the APA 7th style into EndNote

  1. Go to https://endnote.com/style_download/apa-7th-american-psychological-association-7th-edition/
  2. Click the Download Style button on that page (screenshot of download button for illustration only, this is not a clickable button).
    screenshot of Download Style button
  3. Save the downloaded file somewhere you can find it again (many web browsers will, with default settings, automatically save it into your Downloads folder).
  4. Find the downloaded file with your file browser (default: Finder on a Mac, File Explorer on Wndows [note: the yellow folder thingy, not Internet Explorer])
  5. Double-click on it to open it in EndNote.
  6. Use File menu > Save As to automatically save it in the correct location for EndNote to use.
    screenshot of Save As dialog box
  7. If you wish, rename it to something other than APA 7th Copy - e.g. APA 7th Official or APA 7th EndNote
  8. Close the style editor.
  9. With an EndNote library open, use the drop-down style selector and choose Select Another Style...
    screenshot of style selector drop-down
  10. Select the saved style name and click the Choose button
    screenshot of style list with Choose button indicated
  11. You are now using the APA 7th style in EndNote.You might still need to select the APA 7th style in existing Word documents.
    screenshot of style selection drop-down in Word