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Creating a Bibliography

Creating a Bibliography

In EndNote, you will add references from a variety of places. When you write your paper or article, there are several  ways to make a bibliography.

1. To make a standalone bibliography from within EndNote: 

  1. Open your EndNote library.
  2. Highlight the citations you want to include in the bibliography by clicking on the relevant references in EndNote while holding down the control key.
  3. Select the citation style from the Style drop down list.
  4. Go to Edit.
  5. Select Copy Formatted.
  6. Open Word.
  7. Go to Edit - Paste.
  8. Ensure you Paste using the 'Keep Source Formatting' option.
  9. The references will then be pasted straight into your Word document.

2. Use Cite While You Write to create the bibliography (and in-text citations) as you write. This is best if you are using the EndNote bibliography to accompany a Word document. If you installed a desktop version of EndNote, CWYW should automatically be in Word. On EndNote Web, go to Format > Cite While You Write Plug-In for instructions. (Check the EndNote website for plugins for other programs like OpenOffice or Pages.)

3. Use the File -> Export menu options if you need the bibliography as a separate file. This is best if you are working on an annotated bibliography, or if the bibliography needs to be a separate file for submission to a journal.

  • File > Export will bring up a "Save" menu. Here you can specify where and what kind of file to save. (.rtf, .txt, or .html)
  • You can also select your "output style." This is where you can choose a specific journal or a style such as APA; click "Select another style..." to see the full list you have installed. 
  • To download more styles, go to Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager... In the window that opens, click "Get More on the Web" to search the full list.