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EndNote 20

What is EndNote 20?

EndNote 20 is a powerful citation management tool used by academic and industry researchers.

There are two current versions of EndNote - a standalone desktop version (EndNote 20 - free to USF students and faculty through the IT software link below) and an online version (EndNote Basic). It is recommended that you install the desktop application, then create an EndNote Basic account and sync the two. EndNote Basic serves as a cloud-based backup to EndNote 20 and helps when collaborating.

Migrating from X9 to EndNote 20

If you are moving to EndNote 20 from an earlier version, is recommended that you:

  1. Back up your library or libraries
  2. Uninstall the your old EndNote version*
  3. Install EndNote 20
  4. Import your library or libraries from the backup(s)
    1. You may be prompted to convert your library when you open it for the first time 
  5. Connect or create an EndNote Basic (online) account to facilitate sharing and syncing

*According to Clarivate, you technically can have both an old and new version installed but this can create workflow problems when linking to Cite While You Write (only one version will link). This can easily lead to confusion if you are not deliberate in your approach or do not have a deep understanding of the connections and syncing you have set up.

What's New in EndNote 20?