ArcGIS/ESRI - Introduction and Available Resources & Training

Please contact, or call 813-974-2852 with any questions regarding licensing, software availability, or troubleshooting.

Licensing Desktop Software

The ArcGIS Desktop software allows users to dive into the world of mapping and spatial analytics. The software packages include a number of advanced analysis packages and tools to aid in data visualization. The newer desktop software, ArcGIS Pro, is designed to work seamlessly with ArcGIS Online and enables users to easily create Web GIS products from the desktop software.

All Students, Faculty, and Staff have access to both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro desktop software through the following Box Folder. The Box folder contains software downloads as well as licensing instructions for both programs. The folder requires that you log in using your USF NetID credentials. Please refrain from sharing the content found within this folder with anyone.

The USF license agreement for this software states that it may be used for academic, research, or administrative purposes. Commercial use under the USF license is prohibited.

*ArcGIS Desktop software requires the Windows operating system.

Accessing ArcGIS Online

Access to ArcGIS Online is also available to all students, faculty and staff. Those who wish to explore this web mapping software can do so by visiting the USF Library GIS Homepage and signing in using your USF NetID credentials.

Additional GIS Resources

You can find additional GIS resources through the USF Libraries GIS Hub. The Hub contains information on GIS data, training opportunities, and the latest software.