Using Previously Published Materials in Your ETD

Information concerning the use of copyrighted materials

Publisher Index

The links below will help you get to the part of your publisher's policy that talks about your use of your published article in your ETD.  To obtain the information you need for your permissions appendix:

  • follow the instructions provided by the publishers, or
  • if use in an ETD is specifically granted on the site, take a screenshot/print the page to include in your ETD.

All listings in the index are color coded for ease of use.  Green checks mean use in an ETD is allowed without request.  Yellow question marks mean you will have to submit a formal request.  Red x marks indicate that use of a whole article in an ETD is not permitted.  Policies are subject to change; make note of the date the policy was checked.

Royal Society of Chemistry


Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics


Taylor & Francis

University of Chicago Press


Wolters Kluwer

World Scientific