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Business Plan & Pitch Presentation

Factors of a Successful Business Plan

The primary objective in developing a business plan is to ensure the success of your enterprise. As you formulate your plan, it's crucial to diligently consider the long-term requirements of your business and devise strategies that not only optimize the overall performance of your company but also contribute to your personal fulfillment.

With this in mind, the following factors contribute most to business success and should guide your planning process:

  • The Business Concept 
  • Understanding the Market
  • Industry Health and Trends
  • Clear Strategic Position and Consistent Business Focus
  • Financial Control

To begin, simply follow the six steps outlined in our 'How To Write A Business Plan' section, and make use of the provided resources to compile and analyze the information needed for your business plan. If you require any assistance, please feel free to reach out to one of the business librarians listed on this guide's homepage.