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Business Plan & Pitch Presentation

Executive Summary (Completed Last)

The executive summary is undeniably the most critical section of your business plan. It provides a concise overview, including key elements such as the business concept, mission, vision, market opportunities, offered products and services, financial projections, and noteworthy achievements or milestones.

A well-crafted executive summary is your opportunity to convince the reader that:

  1. Your business concept is sound.
  2. Your planning has been meticulous.
  3. Your management team is capable.
  4. A clear market opportunity exists.
  5. Your business boasts significant competitive advantages.
  6. Financial projections are realistic.
  7. Investors or lenders stand to profit.

Once all other sections of the business plan are completed (Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6), it's time to compose the executive summary.