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Business Plan & Pitch Presentation

Business Plan Pitch

Once you've developed a thorough business plan by following the steps and utilizing the resources provided in the 'How To Write A Business Plan' section, you're now prepared to create an impactful business plan pitch presentation using the template and resources available below. If you require any assistance, please feel free to reach out to one of the business librarians listed on this page.

Your business plan pitch presentation will include, but is not limited to:

1. Introduction

This slide features your company's name, logo, and either a mission statement or a statement outlining your company's objectives.

2. The Problem And Your Solution

On this slide, discuss the problem you're solving and who it affects. Try to share a relatable story to illustrate the problem. The more you can make the problem feel real, the better your investors will understand your business and goals.

Once you've highlighted the problem, explain your solution using clear and engaging language, like you're telling a story. Describe your product or service, what it does, and how it helps your customers, while also mentioning how it stacks up against the competition.

3. Target Market And Opportunity

This slide is to demonstrate to investors that your business has a well-defined and attainable market. Utilize the market research data from your business plan to underscore the size of the potential customer base and present the various market segments your business intends to target. 

4. Business Model And Pricing Strategy

After detailing your product or service and describing your target market, the next step is to outline your revenue strategy. Discuss your business model and your customer base— who will be paying for your offerings and at what price point? This is also an opportunity to provide insights into the competitive landscape, explaining how your pricing strategy positions you within the broader market.

5. Marketing And Sales Plan

Dedicate this slide to outlining your marketing and sales strategy. Provide an in-depth overview of the key tactics you'll employ to reach potential customers and showcase your understanding of how to connect with your target market through various sales channels. If your approach differs from that of your competitors, use this opportunity to emphasize those distinctions.

6. Your Team

Use this slide to convey why you and your team are the ideal candidates to lead and nurture this company. Highlight the unique experiences and expertise that set you apart from others. Showcase key team members, their achievements, and the specialized skills they bring to the table. If your team is still evolving, pinpoint essential roles that remain to be filled and explain their critical importance in driving the company's growth.

7. Financial Projections

Investors will want to see your financials, including sales projections, income statements, and cash flow forecasts for at least three years. However, for your pitch deck, keep it simple. In this slide, use charts to show sales, the number of customers, expenses, and profits. Be ready to explain how you came up with your sales goals and what drives your expenses.

8. Investment And Use of Funds

This slide is meant for presenting your funding request. Your prospective investors need to know the specific amount you are seeking. Additionally, it's crucial to explain the reasons behind this funding request and outline how you intend to use the capital. Investors are eager to understand how their investment will be utilized to drive your business toward its defined objectives.

Additional Resources For How To Pitch Your Business Plan: