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Business Plan & Pitch Presentation

Business Description

This section will include, but is not limited to: 

  • The registered business name 
  • Physical location(s) 
  • Names of founders and key members, including relevant experience and qualifications 
  • Information about the legal structure (LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.) 
  • Business history, including any milestones or notable achievements

Business Objectives

In this section, you'll outline the core purpose and mission of your business. Condense your company's primary objectives and guiding principles into a concise statement (a few sentences). This is where you define your business's nature, fundamental values, corporate culture, and your desired positioning within the marketplace.

Products and Services

Provide details about your business's products or services. The following should be included: 

  • Product or service description
  • Product or service use and appeal (explain why it is used and what constitutes its appeal)
  • Stage of development (how the product or service has evolved to present state, and how it is expected to evolve in future) 
  • Explain how products are created or how services are delivered, including information about suppliers, manufacturing, or service processes 

Resources for Developing Your Business Description, Defining Business Objectives, and Detailing Products and Services Components: