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What is Manuscript Matcher?

EndNote's new journal matching feature suggests the top candidates for your manuscript. Just choose the publications you want, and start the process for submitting your work to the most credible, high-quality journals that match your topic and references.

What sets manuscript matcher apart:

  • Leverages meticulously indexed data from thousands of journals, across hundreds of global publishers

  • Uses patent-pending technology to analyze tens of millions of citation connections to identify meaningful relationships with your work

  • Prioritizes focused publication matches ahead of general journals using sophisticated clustering algorithms

To use Manuscript Matcher

  • Log into your EndNote Online account

  • Choose Match from the toolbar

  • Enter a few key pieces of information: manuscript title, abstract, and references

  • Select an EndNote reference group from the drop-down

  • View suggested publications from analysis aided by key criteria such as JCR® Impact Factor

  • Compare your options and start the process to submit your manuscript