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How Do I Add Diacritics to My Citations?

If you have a title that includes Roman letters with diacritic marks (accents), these are supported by EndNote (and Word, and most publishers).

However, RIS export from QuickSearch and many databases does not always include these accents.

You can add them manually, although only one letter at a time.

In Windows, open up the Character Map app:

  1. Use the search option  or Cortana search area ("Type here to search") near the Windows icon  in the bottom left of your screen (depending on your Windows configuration)
  2. Type in character
  3. click on Character Map when it appears. 


With the Character Map open you can select and replace individual letters, one at a time.

Select the letter you want (the preview will expand)

  1. Click Select
  2. Click Copy
  3. Change to your EndNote field and Paste

Visit https://fsymbols.com/character-maps/mac/ for instructions when using a Mac