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Use Restrictions

This collection can be accessed by an unlimited number of users simultaneously. Remote access is limited to USF students, faculty and staff. Non USF users can access the collection using a computer at the USF Library.

About Cambridge Histories

Cambridge Histories Collection contains over 300 volumes published since 1960, covering over 15 different academic subjects. It is a dynamic resource, being continually updated with new volumes taken from the print series as soon as they become available.

E-Books in the Classroom

Instructors can now request the USF Libraries to acquire e-Books for classroom support if they are available electronically.

Viewing, Printing and Downloading

Each book page contains tabs showing a book description, table of contents and, usually, a list of references. Click on a PDF icon in the table of contents to view the specified chapter. Individual chapter PDF's can be downloaded, printed, or sent to Dropbox, Google Drive or a Kindle. Additional features include:

  1. Citation tools – these tools include how to cite and citation export functions
  2. Email link to this book and Share - share a link to this book via your email or social network account
  3. Search within this book – this enables you to further refine your search

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