E-book Collections


ABC-CLIO is a publisher of history reference books. Online, these books can be searched and used with features such as citation formatting and an online thesaurus and dictionary.

Use Restrictions

This collection can be accessed by an unlimited number of users simultaneously. Remote access is limited to USF students, faculty and staff. Non USF users can access the collection using a computer at the USF Library.

Connect to the Collection

View, Print, Download

Navigation within an eBook in the Reading Pane
Across the top of the reading pane, from the left, you have the option to go back to the Home page, view the Document Details (which brings you back to the eBook’s landing page, displaying the metadata about the eBook), and My Account, which will bring you to the alphabetical list of titles in your institution’s collection. On the top right of the reading pane, you have a search box, and you can toggle the search between “this book” and “all books.” All books will search only the books in your institution’s collection.

When viewing a page in the reading pane, you have a number of navigation options. You can move from page to page by clicking the < and > arrows on the sides of the pages in the reading pane. Additionally, on the top right is a small page navigation box; by keying in the page number and clicking Go, you will be brought to the appropriate page. In the left Navigation pane, the icon that looks like a bulleted list will bring up the table of Contents. Top-level items will have a + next to them; clicking the + will expand the Contents list, and all items are links to that particular entry in the text. Finally, across the bottom of the reading pane are thumbnail views of all of the pages within the eBook, and you can scroll through them and click any page.

Font Size: You may adjust the font size of the text in the reading pane to fit your personal preferences by using the + and – buttons on the left.

Resources: You can view the resources included with a title, in the event that additional content has been made available (study guides, video, etc.).

Extracting/Printing: You can extract text to save to your notes. You can also click the print link to access a "printer friendly" version of the page without any navigation elements. Your browser's print menu should pop up automatically, allowing you to print a "clean" copy of the entry. You may print the exact page you are viewing, the entire chapter you are viewing, or a range of pages within the chapter.

Email/Sharing: As an authenticated ABC-CLIO eBook Collection user, you have the option of sharing content via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or emailing it by clicking on the appropriate links in the left navigation panel. Content is limited to one piece of content (chapter or entry) and will be sent as a plain text email.