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About the Loeb Classical Library

More than 520 volumes of Latin, Greek, and English texts are available in a modern and elegant interface, allowing readers to browse, search, bookmark, annotate, and share content. Greek and Latin Classical heritage is represented with up-to-date texts and accurate English translations.

The contents of the print books are mirrored in the digital library. Some formatting has necessarily changed for the digital environment, such as footnotes, but the page numbers and the substantive content are identical.

Use Restrictions

To the extent possible under law, Harvard University Press has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the Digital Loeb Classical Library 

Connect to the Collection

Viewing, Printing and Downloading


Enter the title of a work, name of an author, a word, or a phrase in the Search box in the upper-right corner of the screen. Use Advanced Search to search introductions, bibliographies, indexes, or other ancillary material. Use recto and verso in Advanced Search to limit searches to left-hand, Greek/Latin (verso), or right-hand, English (recto) pages. Author Browse, Greek Works Browse, and Latin Works Browse may also be used to find titles and authors of works. To find a specific volume by Loeb volume number or title, use Volume Browse. Use the filters on the left-hand side of the results page to narrow choices by work (Greek or Latin), author, form (poetry or prose), period, or genre/subject.


The printer icon on the toolbar formats the text and translation that you see on the screen appropriately. Volumes in the library cannot be downloaded. 

My Loebs

My Loebs allows users to manage saved searches, bookmarks, and annotations, and to create and manage groups with which to share material. It also enables users to manage their personal accounts.

Highlighting and Annotating

Use the cursor to select the text you wish to annotate. The selected text will be highlighted in blue, and an annotation icon will appear. Click on the annotation icon, and a box will appear in which an annotation can be entered. Annotated text will be highlighted in yellow. If you do not wish to see the highlighting, click the hide annotations icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the page.

Saving Searches, Bookmarks, and Annotations

To save searches and bookmarks, click on the bookmark icon, which is in the upper-right part of results pages or in the toolbar at the bottom of content pages. You will be offered the option to save annotations when you annotate. You will be offered the option to save and categorize your bookmarks when you bookmark content pages. Searches, bookmarks, and annotations are saved in My Loebs.

Sharing Searches, Bookmarks and Annotations through Email or Social Media

You can do this by clicking on the email or share icons in the upper-right of results pages and in the toolbar at the bottom of contents pages. From My Loebs, you can share searches, bookmarks, and annotations with other registered users