E-book Collections

About ProQuest Ebook Central

Ebook Central is an ebook lending platform developed in collaboration with leading university and research libraries and with academic publishers. Offering content across all subject areas, Ebook Central features content from major publishers worldwide, including Taylor & Francis, Palgrave Macmillan, Cambridge University Press, Kluwer Academic, Springer and others. Ebook Central offers full-text search capability across the database.


Use Resrictions

While the USF STL (short term loan) limit is set at 25/day/user, the download limit is actually set across all Ebook Central customers under their Excessive Download Policy. This serves as a safeguard on the Ebook Central servers to identify systematic downloading and potential abuse. The system will flag a patron account if they have, in the past 30 days, downloaded: 
1. Books from more than 15 categories AND more than 25 books in total, OR
2. More than 40 books, OR
3. Books from more than 20 categories.
This restriction only applies to downloading. The patron is still able to read online. We are able to override a blocked patron account if the Library notifies Ebook Central that the patron is legitimate.

A short term loan is charged for each day of a download. It is possible that someone could attempt to download four ebooks in a day with a loan period of one week and be blocked. 4x7= 28 loans.

Connect to the Collection

Viewing, Printing, Downloading

Clicking on the book title will take you to the Book Details page.

This page presents you with a range of options:

•Read Online - browse through the pages of the book online
•Book Download - download the book for a specified loan period, accessible off-line
•Save Link to Book - send the link to the book, or add to a reading list
•Download PDF Chapter - chapters are presented in page allocations to download or print (and keep)
•Pages remaining for copy - identifies the amount of pages available to copy (each 24 hours)
•Pages remaining for PDF print/chapter download - identifies the amount of pages available to pdf or print (each 24 hours)
•Availability - identifies access to the book (unlimited access, multiple copies, one copy etc.)

Recent developments have included expanded chapter sections that meet the PDF print/chapter download allocation.

Reading Books Online

The Online Reader was developed with extensive input from customers, with intuitive navigation to help you quickly find popular features.

The default view includes an expandable Table of Contents, a robust Search Within feature, relevancy ranked search terms by chapter, and a navigation tool bar in the content pane.

Your Bookshelf

In the Bookshelf you will find:

•Downloads & Loans
•10 Recently Viewed titles
•Annotated Books
•Create folders

In the Bookshelf you can:

•Read Online
•View chapters/table of contents
•Cite the book
•Export notes
•Share link to book
•Copy book to a folder

At the folder level, you can:

•Email folder
•Export folder
•Cite folder

Chapter Download

To download a chapter from Read Online:

•Click on the pdf icon
•Choose preferred Citation Style
•Open PDF

Chapter downloads do not expire and the page allocation refreshes every 24 hours.

Full Download

Software is required prior to utilizing Full Download.

For PCs and laptops you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions.

For mobile devices you will need to download Bluefire Reader.

Prompts are available during the Full Download process.

Full Download is recommended if you need to access the book offline.

When using a PC, full download will prompt you to download Adobe Digital Editions.

Select the Loan Length, which is set by your library.

Remember to open the download in Adobe Digital Editions